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Happy software, SaaS and online services and optimised processes: Customer testimonials & case study. See how COR has made a real difference for our top clients, through products and services that drive web traffic, build brand awareness and – most importantly – grow online sales and revenues. We have been serving our customers since the last 7 years with a clear objective and vision to deliver products & services that apart from the overall functions deliver value and succeed through experience-driven strategy, design and development. We are your partner in improving all key customer experience and business metrics for your organization.

Here, we have highlighted a few case studies on our web-based projects:


The challenge

Many of company’s campaigns are digital, which helps to gain exposure and share the amazing work they do with the public. Donations are generated through its websites, which in turn allow Green Valley to protect children from poverty and build a safer world for children.

However, digital technology poses significant challenges because website traffic can vary, particularly if there is a big campaign being executed, which can put pressure on its hosting arrangements. Any downtime can seriously impact GREEN VALLEY’s ability to drive support for its causes and accept donations, so the charity’s digital team set about finding a more secure and reliable platform on which to host its websites.

The Solution

That’s when we turned to GREEN VALLEY for a Managed Hosting solution, designing a more reliable and resilient infrastructure for websites to sit on. The Managed Hosting solution supports most of Green Valley’s web presence including the main website, donations funnel and other transactional applications. The infrastructure includes backup servers and Web Acceleration service, which caches the applications and diverts traffic away from the servers themselves. This allows the sites to perform effectively during crucial times and when Green Valley needs their websites most. During the Christmas, for example, their websites saw peaks of 15,000+ visitors, but despite the pressure that this level of traffic entails, the hosting went off without a hitch.

The result

As a charity, Green Valley doesn’t have the resources to dedicate to being experts in hosting, a key benefit of the solution has been the support structures offered by us. We have provided the hosting with more than 99.85% uptime which led them in the right direction and gave the help they needed to get on with their fundraising efforts.


Green Valley is one of the leading child development and child advocacy organisations. Green Valley raises funds to support the most vulnerable children even before they have been born. They provide antenatal care for vulnerable mothers, ensure children are vaccinated against deadly diseases and give mothers the skills they need to earn a living. In partnership with local churches, they give children the very best possible start in life.

What we did

To understand the organisation’s aims we embarked upon a thorough investigation into Green Valley’s setup, including the different roles with a stake in the website, their ways of working, internal processes and, most importantly, their goals. We then combined this information with research including a review of organisational strategies, a range of data, web analytics, competitor analysis, recent developments in the third sector (especially around public perception of charity donations and data handling) and a review of current website content.

Our user research involved a survey with over 2,000 responses as well as face-to-face interviews with numerous supporters and potential supporters. Working closely with the Green Valley digital team we could produce many strategic insights and recommendations.

User Personas

With data from user research we could build upon the organisation’s existing marketing segments to produce 5 personas representing important types of user. These personas, including detailed but easy to grasp info on needs, common pain points and typical behaviours, would become an ongoing reference for improving user experiences.

User Journeys

With the findings from user research and data analysis we could produce experience maps for some of the key supporter journeys on the website and make detailed recommendations for how these journeys could be improved.

Content Strategy

Our work on personas enabled us to produce a content prism which provides guidance on developing the organisation’s core story through various content types and categories designed to meet the specific needs of users. We also identified opportunities for Green Valley to increase engagement of supporters through more impactful follow-up communications which allow them to see and share how their money is used.

How it went

Following the success of the research and strategy phase of the project we were reengaged to implement the new strategies through design and build of the new website. During this phase we became an extension of the Green Valley digital team, working in close collaboration to improve experiences for both users and editors.

Technology Selection

We could advise Green Valley on a suitable content management system for the new site, considering technical capabilities and the desired experience for editors. We also helped integrate legacy platforms with the new site, built with WordPress, for a secure transition with minimal disruption.

Bold Typography and Imagery

We used the insight provided by our strategy work to develop a visual style for the new site that would dramatically improve the impact of content and its capacity to engage users emotionally. This was achieved using large, full-width images, more dramatic typography and an iconography that would help make clear the far-reaching benefits of the organisation’s work.

Ongoing Development and Support

As the charity’s appointed digital agency, we’re continuing to work closely with Green Valley as the website, built as a Minimum Viable Product, moves through various stages of testing and launch, incorporates user feedback, and grows into a full-fledged digital marketing platform. We’re providing additional enhancements to the content creation and publishing features, visual assets, help with third-party integrations and general technical support.

Improved Engagement and Fund Raising

Since launching in October 2016, conversion rates among website visitors have more than doubled. Cash donations are up 40% per visitor, and, in December, Green Valley received more online donations in a single month than ever before, helping them protect more of the world’s children from poverty.

How this helps us on your project

We’re able to partner with organisations to deliver strategic change over long-term projects. By gathering and analysing data from a wide variety of stakeholders and users, we derive insights which drive strategic decision making, and recommendations which deliver immediate and long-lasting value.


As a charity organisation, CUK gets part of its income from Gift Aid claims from HMRC. In the past, this was a manual exercise that involved compiling excel files and emailing them to HMRC, that was until HMRC changed the process with development of a system that requires organisations like CUK to make an automated submission.

The work

COR developed an application for CUK with the following functionality:

  • APIs which seamlessly integrate with HMRC’s portal
  • Data validation to identify any potential errors as per HMRC gateway specification
  • Ability of the application to integrate with other relevant systems
  • Security layers to allow safe data transmission when submitting data to HMRC
  • Management Reports to analyse submitted data

The Result

CUK is working very well with the new Gift Aid application. They are able to connect to the HMRC portal and make successful monthly gift aid submissions. CUK also has access to dynamic reports on their submissions to HMRC.



Webqanet UK, established in 2007, is a premier company that sells software solutions. In 2009, they were successful, but knew that they hadn’t tapped into the full potential of the business to take their company to the next level. Their website served as a simple online brochure, and they were getting very few to no leads. They engaged COR team to seek the additional help in Sales Growth and business development. The goals of COR were to:

  • Increase Sales
  • Increase the Leads and Business Requirement
  • Increase conversions

The Strategy

  • Created a comprehensive Sales Strategy
  • Agreed and Planned for a Lead generation Telemarketing campaign
  • Created and maintained a comprehensive Sales Materials including quarterly webinars, whitepapers, and more
  • Brought the Sales strategies in place for potential prospects to connect with the sales team

The Results:

  • Increased leads by 40%. The website averages 300 leads a month now
  • Increased the Sale by 20% to top up the sale revenue
  • Brought 6 New customers till now and total project cost of 115000 in revenue
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