Sales and Marketing Needs Cash On Referral- Our USP



Why is our BRAND So Important

  • We engender preference, passion and evangelism, rather than generic Sales promotion, to break through the cacophony in the marketplace.
  • We foster preference by driving curiosity, interest and inquiry which serves to catalyze customer trial, experience, engagement and advocacy.
  • We utilize experience and engagement to create customer-centric conversation and storytelling, optimizing brand mind-share.
  • We transform mind-share into market-share by leveraging engagement and affinity to engender advocacy and recommendation.
  • we visualize, plan and create solutions before we deploy them for you.
  • We provide personalized services to our clients on need basis and maintains confidentiality.
  • We adept in formulating and aligning strategy and operations with a focus on value maximization.


COR Services includes One Stop Solution for All Sales and Marketing Needs. We cater all the Sales and marketing needs of your business in your industry including but not limited to recruiting new clients, running Ambassador Program and Client Account Management, Managing Online (Digital) and Oine Marketing, establishing new business Relations, reviewing sales performance, negotiating contracts and packages, Setting aims for monthly and/or annual targets, anaging Monthly sales and marketing activity planning & review. In Summary, we manage complete sales & generate Revenue for you.


All our members Benefit from a life time free consultancy including the Free Support for Strategic planning. We at COR have a mission supporting our client’s overall business development eorts by Supporting the ongoing refinement of business development process, plans & materials to reflect best practice. We help our customer with consultancy and recommendations to Develop tailored client presentations and proposals. We provide consultancy Supporting all Business marketing eorts and All this Valuable advice, support and Consultancy is 100% Free.


We work with our clients as a Strategic Sales and Marketing Partner & aim to become become a fully trusted S&M partner for you & your business. As part of this strategic alliance, we analyse and understand the client business goal and objectives & work with Clients to work out the short term, mid-term and long-term growth strategies. The typical time line of these strategies is as follows:

Short Term Strategies – We provide Short Term (0-1 year) Strategic plan for you
Mid Term Strategies – We provide Medium Term (1-3 year) Strategic plan for you
Long Term Strategies – We provide Long Term (3-5 year and beyond) Strategic plan for you


Our No Win No Fees policy helps customer get a Complete Satisfaction and no upfront payment to be made. Our Payment policy also restricts us from taking any payment for any planning and consultancy. All the consultancy is free for life. We only charge client a ratio of Income sharing from the revenue generated by us when we bring a Sale for client and Revenue has hit the client account. Even though we have membership to provide higher benefits to the customers from partner services. but we never hard sell any of these memberships and every COR client benefits from the same level of consultancy services from us. We only ask for Fees when we bring a Sale for the customer. Success fees payable only after a Successful Sale. COR Fee Structure is also designed in a way to fit the need, choice and budget of individual customer profile.

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