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Sales forecasting & Planning

Sales forecasting

We help you to avoid unforeseen cash flow problems and manage your production, staff and financing needs more effectively by accurately forecasting your sales and associated targets and build a sales plan. A sales planning is an essential tool for managing a business of any size. With Sales forecasting, we lay out our client assumptions to manage changes effectively. We help businesses use sales forecast and planning to adjust their sales forecast and improve their business by making course corrections to deal with what is working and what isn’t.

If you need some help getting started on your sales forecast and the rest of your business plan, our team of consultants can work with you and answer all the questions on how to forecast sales for your business. With the help of our sales forecast service, We help to solve the problems like cash flow management, Planning cash flow , Planning future resource requirement and planning purchasing, production and marketing requirement


Sales Planning

While there are many reasons why sales may not have met their goals the underlying theme comes down to a few critical factors

  1. No clear written goals
  2. No plan written to how to achieve them
  3. Failure to commit or take action on the plan
  4. Not setting goals that are realistic.

We help you address these points by bringing a ‘Sales Plan’ into your business, which is a crucial tool in helping you succeed in sales. We will help you writing down a plan to make your sales targets a reality and helps you to identify risks and formulate a ‘work plan’. This service helps you to benchmark where you are at, and where you want to go, so we can make adjustments to achieve your business goals.



Strategic Sales Consultancy

Is your sales team meeting your sales expectations?
Are they reaching your sales goal and target?
Do you have a Sales process and is it being followed?

I am sure you must have come across many questions like this in the past, as a small and medium scale business owner or manager. But these are all common questions, not only to the small-scale businesses, but to the well-established businesses too. The competitive nature of selling is a double-edged sword, turning up one’s motivation on one side, and distracting you from being your best on the other. We at ‘COR’ help you win sales consistently, with an effective ‘COR’ sales management process, with guaranteed customers and guaranteed sales, by following a disciplined, focused & practical application of sales techniques which helps our customer reach their full potential!

As part of this process we diagnose all of your sales process and plan and find the root cause of whatever the underlying problems are. Our diagnostic tools and processes will ensure that we can work to deal with the cause of the issue and not just the effect. As part of this process we can help you to analyse the current situation affecting your sales business, in order to prioritise the area’s most in need of action, and provide and implement an alternate solution. The Solution provided will be a practical implementation plan, in order to improve your sales performance and fix the broken sales target. We help business owners and business managers reach their full potential via our ‘COR Sales Health Check’ to reach their performance benchmark and gain access to our business community and provide help them to reach their growth target. We help businesses increase their sales and profitability, and work with them on what needs to be done in order to fix the broken links and ensure the sales success.

We are fully quipped and focused, with the practical application of sales techniques, to fix the broken links and ensure sales success by bringing ‘Guaranteed customers’, ‘Guaranteed Sales’ and help you consistently meet your sales targets.



Business Growth Management

We are fully quipped and focused, with the practical application of sales techniques, to fix the broken links and ensure sales success by bringing ‘Guaranteed customers’, ‘Guaranteed Sales’ and help you consistently meet your sales targets.

Our consultants will work with your executives and top management to facilitate strategy formulation, development and implementation. We will provide you with the necessary methodology, tools and analysis, for your organisation to benefit from today’s opportunities. This will help you improve your business, and enhance your current organisational efficiency and effectiveness. The end results will be a new short and long-term strategy, mapped in executable action plans and workable framework, such as the balanced scorecard.



Sales and Marketing Management

We work with our clients to create both simple and complex sales campaigns. We will also negotiate the contracts for the various forms of business needs, after forming a sales & marketing needs plan, with the help of all 4 key elements of marketing. Research, Strategy, Planning and Tactics.

We choose the right target market on behalf of our customers, then growing customers in the target market and creating superior value and brand awareness.

We help our customers develop vision before strategy, and also help them with activities to focus on the customer experience. We help our client to be the best, adapt the engagement model, develop a selling process, and not the last but not least, create a sales & marketing calendar. We tend to become creative & responsible for the planned images such as print or video advertisements, public speaking engagements, endorsements, and printed literature as well as unplanned images of our clients. Unplanned images can occur when one of the company’s representatives misspeaks in public, thus requiring immediate damage control, or when the company is attacked by an outside force such as when someone tampers with the company’s products after they leave production, or a fault in the product that isn’t recognized until well after the product has been in circulation.

We work with the client team to determine the best and most creative ways to Promote the company’s products or services. We help them determine the marketability of a new product or service & test out the level of demand for a new product or service. We can help you determine, in conection with other team members, pricing and product placement. We look for new markets that may require the company’s products or services. We perform the complex product research, including a thorough knowledge of the product’s strengths and weaknesses. Prior to introducing the product to non-traditional marketplaces.

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